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Sass to Success

Sass to Success

Sass to Success is a transformative program dedicated to empowering girls and women by celebrating and harnessing traits like sassiness and bossiness as invaluable leadership qualities. Through mentorship, coaching, and workshops, we inspire confidence, leadership, and resilience for future leaders.

Our Approach

At the heart of our approach is the embrace and development of the innate leadership potential found in girls and women who exhibit traits often perceived as "sassiness" and "bossiness." While society often perceives these traits negatively in girls, particularly in educational and professional settings, we view them as indicators of leadership capabilities. Through personalized mentorship and dynamic workshops, we foster self-confidence, assertiveness, and strategic acumen. By reframing these attributes as strengths, we empower girls to embrace their leadership potential and excel as leaders across all facets of life.


We specialize in tailoring our programs to suit the unique needs and goals of your school, organization, or women's Employee Resource Group (ERG). Whether you're seeking to empower young girls in a school setting, enhance leadership skills within a specific program, or foster professional growth within your ERG, our customizable approach ensures that our workshops and mentorship initiatives align closely with your objectives. By collaborating closely with you, we design personalized experiences that promote confidence, leadership, and empowerment tailored to the specific context of your environment, ultimately fostering a culture of inclusivity and achievement.

Confidence Building

Embracing YOUR Leadership Style

Fostering Psychological Safety in Women's ERGs

Understanding Emotions / Emotional Intelligence

Speak-Up and Stand-Out

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Workshop Topics


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